Monthly Archives: September 2010

One month of exploring of my understanding

Video, Duration: various. High Definition

Still images: various sizes

Drawings: various sizes

A series of videos drawings and photographs exploring learning and standardisation of knowledge in line with a given ideology. The works follows the process of learning drawing of a particular motif in line with rules and ritual. The works explore learning instruction and task focused actions (similar to computer programming) by breaking the process into phases and principles. Each phase is characterised by levels of understanding. Artworks created as part of Artist residency at New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

Please note: The work shown below only accounts for a small percentage of artworks created. Please contact me to view further artworks.

In the hope of understanding. Duration: 3:24. High Definition 1080p

Believe me I understand. Duration: 2:12. High Definition 1080p

I understand deeply. Duration: 2:15. High Definition 1080p

One article of understanding. Duration: 4.30. High Definition 1080p

To learn understanding. Duration: 4:38. High Definition 1080p

Understanding repeated and faded. Duration: 6:28. High Definition 1080p

Trying to understand. Duration: 7.04. High Definition 1080p