Monthly Archives: December 2011

Santander Commission

Public artwork commissioned by Santander.  The Artwork is composed of four panels and the pattern is composed of glass aggregate and broken glass tiles encased in clear resin and explores themes of motif, memory and permanence.

Incidental moments of independent movement


A series of time based studies exploring the proliferation of spontaneous patterns of movement through crowds during large public gatherings via a process of cultural learning.  Each of the video compositions was filmed during public festivals or unplanned gatherings in which people were free to dance spontaneously.    The compositions explore the phenomenon of cultural transmission whereby one person leads others into a improvised dance or movement. As more people participate a pattern emerges that proliferates through the crowd driving the energy of the celebration.  Each individual becomes consumed in the moment and lead individual that initiated the process is absorbed as the movement becomes self-perpetuating.

Untitled moment 1 Duration 2:23

Untitled moment 2 Duration 1:51

Untitled moment 3 Duration 1:51

Untitled moment 4 Duration 0:53

Untitled moment 5 Duration 1:14

Untitled moment 6 Duration 1:30

Untitled moment 7 Duration 1:46