November 2013

  • Virtulight

    A trail of augmented reality artworks tagged to physical images across the city of Derby. The work explored data by association and the layers of meta-tags that aid and divert meaning.

  • Field Notes

    An installation that examines the forces that have influenced the development of urban topography. The dynamics of a locality have been analysed using Alan Turing’s research relating to animal markings. Turing’s reaction-diffusion theory explains the reaction between two chemicals referred to as the “activator” (a chemical that can replicate) “inhibitor” (a chemical that inhibits the…

  • I’m not allowed to love you

    Digital drawings exploring human interaction in to context of exoticism and cultural alienation.

  • The Standard Model

    “Theories permit consciousness to ‘jump over its own shadow,’ to leave behind the given, to represent the transcendent, yet, as is self-evident, only in symbols.” Hermann Weyl, logician mathematician Large scale digital drawings and ultra high definition animations created from algorithms exploring the visualisation of theoretical ideas. The drawings are inspired by the work of…