Every Artwork I have created has started with some form of writing – usually a poem. The writing locates the intention of my work and plays like a mantra in my mind. My neurology and creative approach generates a myriad of creative outputs in a range of media that perhaps appear disconnected. My work is interdisciplinary – primarily visual and sculptural works using many media, writing as a critical tool, and performance as a convergence and an enacting of the many processes of my work.

In the same way as a scientist would use different processes or tools to find evidence of particular physical properties, I use a range of media and processes to unearth different emotional properties. However, the media used in any given piece needs to be fit for purpose. I experiment with media in unconventional ways by pushing them to their limits or mixing them with other media to evoke new emotional realities. I am constantly experimenting and prefer to allow the idea (formed through a poem) to lead, rather than forcing a particular medium onto the idea.

My practice is always evolving and moving into new directions because, for me, the medium is a vehicle to somewhere.  My method involves using a variety of mediums in ways that explode their traditional uses.  Drawing is a big part of what I do, however, it is much more than pencil and paper, for me, drawing is about asking a series of questions using a range of different processes.  All of the artworks I create start with a series of core questions which guide the medium used and the process followed.

Working both with physical and digital media, my central discourse deals with how we as human beings make sense of the world around us and the dichotomous nature of humanity.  In particular I study how people living in different contexts form “truths” from direct and indirect encounters and the proliferation of these “truths” through online and offline means to form patterns and memes.

My work is nourished by actively engaging people to feed a work from different perspectives with source data or actively being part of the work. Looking beyond the surface traits such as identity I try to draw out both the rational and irrational that makes us who we are. Using play, metaphor, repetition, ritual and reflection I try to create artworks (or situations that lead to the creation of artworks) that sits as a mirror to contemporary human insecurities.

Further writings can be found at https://ambushedonroute.wordpress.com/

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