Through an associateships with Disability Arts Online and on other platforms, Ashokkumar Mistry has written extensivly about Disability arts and Neurodiversity. He has also reviewed a number of exhibitions and performances throughout the United Kingdom, taking the reader beyond well trodden, accepted view of the arts.

Ashokkumar has developed a series of articles and interviews under the title DNR_RND (Do Not Resusitate_Research and Development). It is inspired by the poor treatment of people with disabilities during the pandemic. the core question of the series is ‘what processes or working practices do we not want to resuscitate once arts centres can open up. You can read more on the Disability arts online website by following this link. Other articles for Disability Arts Online can be viewed using the following link

Ashokkumar Mistry also contributed to a series of articles by Shape Arts titled ‘Artists in lockdown’ which can be read here.

The Review of the ‘Sanskriti Graffiti’ art installation at Curve Theatre in Leicester for a-n.co.uk can be read here.

The article for Unlimited titled ‘Reimagining Arts Commissioning’ can be read here.

A range of other essays and poems can be found at here https://ambushedonroute.wordpress.com