As an artist I use a variety of art forms to ask questions in order to understand myself and the world around me.  My practice is always evolving and moving into new directions because, for me, the medium is a vehicle to somewhere.  My method involves using a variety of mediums in ways that explode their traditional uses.  Drawing is a big part of what I do, however, it is much more than pencil and paper, for medrawing is about asking a series of questions using a range of different processes.  All of the artworks I create start with a series of core questions which guide the medium used and the process followed.

Working both with physical and digital media, my central discourse deals with how we as human beings make sense of the world around us and the dichotomous nature of humanity.  In particular I study how people living in different contexts form “truths” from direct and indirect encounters and the proliferation of these “truths” through online and offline means to form patterns and memes….. (Read more)

Note, most of the artworks are for sale. Please contact me for details.

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