We become abstract

Using the medium of oil painting as a metaphor for dreaming I explore my own and others lived situations by translating the memory (photograph) into a dream (painting). As someone who has worked extensively with photography and video I have often pondered the impact of visual media on our memory. I am always taken aback at how little I remember of people that exist within the situations of my life and how quickly memories leap back when I see an image of these same people.

Where photographs are memories, paintings are the dreams, collaged from a myriad of situations. The paintings are dream like reinterpretations with jarring depth and vivid colours that spit details that wakes you in a cold sweat. You can recognise people but you don’t know why because you couldn’t see their faces. You could recognise intangible values of their being such as the gate of their walk, their build or the context of their existence.