Installation View. Title: "Why can't we be friends now? It's what I want. It's what you want"

If all the world was binary

Developed over the past 12 years this body of work bring together digital and physical artworks created around the theme of irrational difference between people.

Fair and Lovely 2019, Size- Variable – Min size 841mm x 1189mm – Paper installation

Digital drawing using swords. A reworking of William Blake’s print titled ‘Europe Supported by Africa and America’ to build on the horrors he saw in the relationships between continents. The image is also a comment on divisions amongst feminist thinkers some of whom expose intersectionality and others who do not.

Fair and lovely. 2019

Collages, 2013-2020, 812mm x 1220mm. paper collage on board – Various

Various collages from the various images in the collection

‘Bable’, 2018 Size- Variable – Min size 1189mm x 841mm Paper installation

A large scale digital drawing on plain paper depicting a scene from the the movie titled ‘The Sheik’ 1918 starring Rudolph Valentino.

Using Stuart Hall’s Reception Theory as a starting point, the artwork engages in a conversation with the viewer about how it should be decoded.  The entire images has been constructed using sword motifs, that only come into view as the viewer moves closer to it and considers the roots of current conflicts.   Modular poster prints pasted to a wall. Dimensions variable

Why can’t we be friends now? It’s what I want. It’s what you want. 2014 Installation – Paper print, lights, controller with switch, portable speaker

The work consists of large scale prints on paper, coloured lights and audio recording played in a loop. Created specially for and exhibited as part of “Looking out from CCCS” at Vivid Projects (Birmingham). The artwork uses the Samoiloff Effect to examine Stuart Hall’s ‘Reception Theory’ in the context of an encoded and decoded message.

The prints were composed of two images printed together, in different colours (one using red ink and the other using green ink) on the same page, one over the other.  However the images can only be discerned when viewed under an opposing coloured light.  A controller on the plinth allows the viewer to change between red and blue light, hiding one image and revealing the other.

Simulation of exhibition

Policy – 2013 – Generative Video- 1080p

Video of a generative application that draws swords based on audio data. The work explores political polarisation and the formation of motifs that are connected to an ideology or policy.  The software creates an ephemeral drawing over time based on the characteristics of the sound stimuli. Captured as a video, the piece explored cause and effect to create a analogy of the effect of policy decisions.

I’m not allowed to love you – 2010 – 2013 – Various images – Variable sizes – Min size 1189mm x 841mm

Highly detailed digital drawings exploring the rationalisation of the unfamiliar with the familiar.  The drawings are constructed using two types of miniature sword motifs that are antithetical to the overall image they form.  The images are displayed on a large scale enveloping the viewers gaze and compelling them to approach the detail of their construction.  The works form the basis for installations displayed in part or as a whole in various exhibition spaces.

The simple assumption between us 2008 – 2012 -Various Images – Variable sizes – Min size 1189mm x 841mm

A series of digital drawings exploring the east and west as opposing forces. The works look at the transfer of data from information to ideology and the obstinacy of memory.

Please note: The images below are only screen resolution jpeg versions of large scale vector images. Please click on the images to view a larger version.